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Revenues*: US$175m

Date of Investment**: August 2012


Business: Wireless infrastructure services


Vision Capital Contact: Matt Shafer

Headquarters: Irvine, CA, USA

Description: Velocitel is a provider of outsourced professional infrastructure services to the wireless communications and renewable energy industries. In the wireless sector, the company serves tower owners, wireless carriers, equipment manufacturers and the public safety market with a comprehensive suite of turnkey services focused on wireless towers and rooftop sites, including radio frequency engineering and network optimization, high capacity cell backhaul, site acquisition and development, architecture and engineering, construction management, maintenance and regulatory compliance solutions. Velocitel’s business in the renewable energy sector is focused on the engineering and implementation of large commercial rooftop solar PV arrays and ground-based utility scale solar PV arrays.

* To end December 2013
** Through investment in Willis Stein & Partners III, L.P.


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