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Bormioli Rocco Group acquires Neubor Glass April 2013

Bormioli Rocco, the leading global glass manufacturer, announces today that it has acquired a majority stake in Neubor Glass, the Italian glass manufacturer based in San Vito al Tagliamento. Neubor Glass produces high specification glassware for use in the pharmaceutical sector.

The acquisition will increase production capacity at Bormioli Rocco with the construction of a new furnace at Neubor Glass to manufacture moulded flint type I glass. This will release capacity constraints for moulded flint type I glass which is a core and profitable range of glassware for Bormioli Rocco.

In line with strategy, the acquisition will also expand Bormioli Rocco's extensive range of pharmaceutical packaging products, creating a full range of containers for supply into the injectable market, including vaccines and antibiotics, and into areas of oncology and blood derivatives. Bormioli Rocco will also have the capacity to produce a full range of containers for parenteral applications.
The integration of Neubor Glass's tubular technology will allow the Company the opportunity to produce disposable pharmaceutical vials and small bottles with capacity of less than 10ml. Bormioli Rocco also plans to produce its innovative and proprietary ‘Delta vials' in the Neubor Glass plant. Light-weight, resistant and with high safety specifications, Delta vials are currently supplied to the world's major pharmaceutical companies. Following the acquisition, Bormioli Rocco will have the capability to produce small bottles and vials in type I, type II and type III glass.
St. Petersburg-based OOO Altair will partner with Bormioli in the acquisition. Altair is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the Russian pharmaceutical market, and will contribute significantly to Bormioli's expansion in the Russian market.

Paolo Antonietti, Chairman of Bormioli Rocco, commented: "This acquisition strengthens Bormioli Rocco's leading position in pharmaceutical packaging, with five European plants now fully dedicated to the manufacture of high quality plastic and glassware. As well as releasing capacity constraints, the integration of Neubor Glass will enable us to expand our range of highly specialised pharmaceutical glass and enter new markets. At Bormioli Rocco, our leadership position is underpinned by our commitment to innovation and technology, providing our customers with products of the highest value, quality and safety standards."

The CEO of former Neubor Glass shareholder Friulia, Mr. Gianmarco Zanchetta commented: "Bormioli has an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical packaging market. Its plans to invest significant financial and technical resource, along with the creation of new jobs, will benefit the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and welcome in a new era for Neubor Glass."

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