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As investors, we are committed to helping businesses realise their potential over the medium to longer term.

We believe in aligned, responsible stewardship of our investments, demonstrating integrity and collaboration in all we do. We are dedicated to continuous improvement.

The Vision Capital team has specialist expertise in executing large, complex, international acquisitions. 50 companies have been acquired by successive Vision Capital funds.

Vision Capital is an open, dynamic business that offers fulfilling careers to all members of the team.  Our investment team is fully involved in the development of the business and earns financial rewards in line with the performance of our investments.

Vision Capital Fast Facts

  • 50 investments (through 16 transactions) and 35 exits since 2002
  • 11 IPOs, trade and financial sales completed since January 2015
  • 11 companies currently in the portfolio
  • Combined revenues of $3.3bn and over 20,000 employees
  • Sector concentrations in Financial Services, Industrials and Consumer businesses
  • Raised 15 investment partnerships since 2002 totalling over $2.5bn
  • AUM today of more than $1.0bn
  • Offices in London and New York

Business Principles

  • Integrity beyond compliance
  • Creating sustainable value for stakeholders
  • Aligned partnership with investors
  • Open and responsible as well as effective
  • Continuous improvement through creativity and innovation


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